In VB 6, Excel.Worksheet becomes Excel.WorkSheet (note capital 'S'). Whey 
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 In VB 6, Excel.Worksheet becomes Excel.WorkSheet (note capital 'S'). Whey


In Visual Basic, when I declare a variable such as

Dim x As Excel.Worksheet

as soon as I leave that line, VB converts it to

Dim x as Excel.WorkSheet

Note the upper case 'S' in WorkSheet.  The Object Browser shows
that it should really be Worksheet.  I've browsed the newsgroups
and it seems that the last typed entry of WorkSheet is being used
to override the Worksheet.  If this is the case, how can I ever
enter Worksheet to become the latest entry?  It seems like I'm stuck.

Why is this happening and why does VB still compile when the case is different?
Any ideas of how to get it to work and use the objects spelling?



Mon, 23 Aug 2004 03:04:56 GMT  
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