client.server problem 
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 client.server problem

>>I need a client application to "activate" a screen-refresh on the other
>>clients via the server. I tried to make a file on the server that the
>>clients read from time to time thru a timer object, but I really need the
>>update imediately or it's not of much use anyway, so if anybody can tell me
>>how to get the other clients to react on a "poke" from one of the others..

>I've implemented an app like this that had the clients check the file
>for changes as a part of their 'idle' loop.  We were running six to
>twelve clients on a local network and they all reacted to the new data
>fairly quickly.  These machines were dedicated to the display, so the
>overhead wasn't a problem.

        This will work for small numbers and infrequent refreshes. But imagine you need
o check every 10 secs, and you have 300 clients?  Causes both locking problems,
ad problems with purging, and guranteeing that everyone "knows".

        I am developing a system which uses TCP/IP to notify they other clients in a
sysem. Basically you call a method (or if you use Delphi, the TTable will do it
atomatically) and the method triggers an event, and passes message text to all
th other machines in the "system".

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