User-defined Clipboard Formats in Visual Basic 4/5 
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 User-defined Clipboard Formats in Visual Basic 4/5

Has anyone managed to use user-defined Clipboard formats in VB4 or VB5? I
did, but only by writing a DLL to handle the routines, but now I have
another problem:

If you wish to use your data in both the Clipboard and OLE DRAG AND DROP
(which is almost identical in use, but strangely the designers have made it
slightly different), your Register Clipboard Format ID must be an INTEGER
(because that's all OLE DRAG AND DROP takes).

Notice that in the API, RegisterClipboardFormat returns a Long, but it the
OLE D&D section of the manual, it specifies an Integer?

Now, when I use an Integer on RegisterClipboardFormat, it returns a
negative, presumably because it's trying to return a number bigger than an
Integer can hold. This then works with OLE, but fails to work with my
Clipboard DLL.

Has anyone got this mess working?

Please reply both by posting and E-Mailing.


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