Code Check .. (no, not Coat Check) 
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 Code Check .. (no, not Coat Check)

Hello all,

Could you please check this code, and tell me where I am going wrong.

There are 2 forms in the project, (frmMain) & (frmCordInput.)
I would like the user to insert data into (txtBoxes) txtN1 thru txtE3 (on
Click cmdCordSend
Which sends the input data to the txtBox (Text1) on frmMain.
The fomat of the Data should be: "N24 25.4564, E056 34.7890"

However, Nothing happens on Private Sub cmdCordSend_Click()
I have placed Crd into " " (frmMain.Text1.Text = "Crd")  to test it, and the
"Crd" appears in the correct textbox. (As intended)

Code Starts -------------------------from here

Dim N1 As String
Dim N2 As String
Dim N3 As String
Dim E1 As String
Dim E2 As String
Dim E3 As String
Dim Crd As String

Private Sub cmdCordSend_Click()

N1 = frmCordInput.txtN1.Text
N2 = frmCordInput.txtN2.Text
N3 = frmCordInput.txtN3.Text
E1 = frmCordInput.txtE1.Text
E2 = frmCordInput.txtE2.Text
E3 = frmCordInput.txtE3.Text

Crd = Format(Crd, "N" & N1 & Space(1) & N2 & "." & N3 & "," & Space(1) & _
"E" & E1 & Space(1) & E2 & "." & E3)

frmMain.Text1.Text = Crd

End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()

frmCordInput.Visible = False
frmMain.Enabled = True

End Sub
Code Ends ---------------------------- here

Could anyone help me out, AND explain where I went wrong?

Thank you in advance.


Fri, 04 Mar 2005 15:08:33 GMT  
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