seeking help with a problem w/Active Reports viewer on web page 
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 seeking help with a problem w/Active Reports viewer on web page

Wondering if anyone can help troubleshoot a problem I am having with
Data Dynamics' Active Reports.  I am using their "lightweight viewer"
control on a web page, in an app developed using VB6 Web Classes.
Anyway, when the web page goes out from the server to the browser, it
contains this object declaration for my ActiveReports Viewer control:

<OBJECT classid=clsid:00C7C2A0-8B82-11D1-8B57-00A0C98CD92B
codeBase="http://imicnet1/saladjreq/" height=473
style="HEIGHT: 473px; WIDTH: 847px"
width=847 height=494 id=arv width="100%" VIEWASTEXT><PARAM
NAME="_ExtentX" VALUE="22410"><PARAM NAME="_ExtentY" VALUE="12515">

On the indicated location on my web server machine, is the cab file for
the .ocx (arviewer.ocx), that is provided by Data Dynamics with their
product, Active Reports.

Now, when I test this web-app on a client machine that already has the
.ocx file installed and registered, everything works great; the page
loads and the viewer properly displays the .rdf file that I am specify
in my VBScript.

However, when I test the app on a machine that does not already have
the control, it doesn't work.  It prompts me to ask if I want to
install the control ("Do you want to install and run
http://imicnet1/saladjreq/")    I click "Yes," but then
nothing happens.  The little ActiveX icon in the upper left hand corner
of the area where the viewer control should be created, is replaced by
the dreaded Red X.   The words "Error in page" appear in the status bar
at the bottom of the browser.  And the file that should have been
downloaded, arviewer.ocx, is nowhere to be found on the client machine.

So has anyone used Data Dynamics' viewer on a web page like this; does
anyone know if I am skipping a step or doing anything wrong here?  I am
using the latest version of the cab file they provide.  I am an
experienced vb developer but admittedly new to web app development.

Thanks for any help or suggestions you might be able to offer.


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Sun, 28 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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