Announcement: ScriptV--a new language for 2D and 3D animations and graphics 
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 Announcement: ScriptV--a new language for 2D and 3D animations and graphics

At last, high-level graphics software developments are no longer
exclusively for the use of professional programmers.

ScriptV is a dynamic programming language designed to use the
advanced animation and graphics capacities of today's home computers
It supports various objects, such as images, sounds, key-parameter
animation, interactions, 3D modeling and figure animation, vector
graphics and vector animations, advanced and artistic user
interface creation such as digital book, fancy menus, buttons,
scrolling bars, frames for game developments, particles systems,
tranitional cel animations, hypertexts, transitions, transofrms such
as deformations, morphng, bend, and warping, as well as
other general purpose programing facilities like those in Java.

ScriptV makes 3D modeling and animation programming easy
with a high-level, intuitive system of specifying object components
and combining these components in new ways. For instance,
You can make a 3D model for the thumb of a scrollbar, or floating
an animated 3D figure with hypertext, or relecting the surrounding
hypertext in a 3D model.

ScriptV is readable and easy to understand due to its descriptive
architecture. ScriptV is a natural description of the system
architecture and the interactions within that framework.

Visviva Software, Inc. is pleased to annouce the release
of the Visviva Animation Engine with ScriptV, Beta release  1.0.
ScriptV is available for free with the Visviva Animation Engine
(which is also available for free).

The formal release is scheduled in October, 1998.

If you wish to be included in this mailing list for our latest update
information, send an eamil with subject "SUBSCRIBE" to

Visit http://www.*-*-*.com/ for more information as well as
ScriptV on-line documentations, downloads, and samples.

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