VB3 shell() launches another copy same program... 
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 VB3 shell() launches another copy same program...

The sample program, as shown below, launches another copy of itself!!! What is
going on here? Is VB3 setting some internal name to the same thing? This
program works in the development environment when Visual Basic 3.0 is the app

        x% = shell("c:\temp\project2.exe")

Run project1 from VB and project2 pops up. Compile & run project1 alone and up
pops another copy of project1?!? Originally, I figured it had something to do
with c:\windows\setup.exe having the same name as a:\setup.exe. My little test
projects do not have the same .exe name, do not have the same app name--set in
the make exe dialog box--nor are they in the same directory.

My Visual Basic 3.0 Professional program, setup.exe, installs my program after
being bootstrapped to the c:\windows directory by a:\install.exe similar to
how the VB Setup wizard works...

The last thing would like my program to do when it's all done unzipping files,
writing .ini files, and making icons is to launch Win32s setup if the computer
is running Windows 3.1 and Win32s is not already installed.

Please help me prove I'm not crazy here. The VB3pro app is running under
Windows 3.11--thanks.

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Tue, 19 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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