Porting C to VB5.0 and C DLL Interfacing 
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 Porting C to VB5.0 and C DLL Interfacing


> You can pass the address of the structure variable to
> a C DLL by just putting the variable in the argument list.
> The address of the structure is passed.  To be sure for
> yourself, echo back the contents of the structure within
> the C DLL or make the C DLL return the input structure
> in its second parameter.

One interesting thing you might encounter working with
structures in VB and VC++ DLL's is that VB seems
to zero-fill variables when defining them.
My setup for VC++ doesn't.

So when I was doing quicky byte-for-byte comparisons to
check out algorithms running in parallel in VB and C
during porting, I got some differences reported
sometimes, depending on exactly what I was doing.
(Whether the structure was begun in VB or C)

- Matt

Tue, 07 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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