Q:Strange-dBase IV in EXE<>dBASE IV in FRM! 
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 Q:Strange-dBase IV in EXE<>dBASE IV in FRM!

Hi there!
I've created an app in VB3/Prof that reads dBASE 3+4 files using the
One strange thing happens: when I try to open some dBASE-files in the
compiled version everything works fine- but as soon as I try to open the
same file in the uncompiled version, only the headers of this dBASE file
are shown correctly but no record is found!
This doesn't happen with all dBASE files- some files are displayed
correctly in the uncompiled version and some not!
What kind of phenomena is this???

Tanx for your help in advance!

Joachim Hornig

Tue, 01 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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