Calling VB5 DLL with another VB5 DLL results in crashes 
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 Calling VB5 DLL with another VB5 DLL results in crashes

If I have two DLLs that I've compiled to native code using VB5, and one
calls the other, AND the one being called tries to run a For Each...Next
loop with a collection at some point, it crashes with "Automation
Error."  If I substitute a For i = 1 to Collection.Count...Next loop in
place of the For Each loop, then the DLL being called works fine.  This
crashing has occurred on two Dell machines(Pentium chips), and has not
occurred under the same circumstances on two Gateway machines(Also
Pentium chips)(not to give Dell a bad name or anything...).  Anyone have
any idea what's going on to cause this behavior?  Many thanks in


Fri, 21 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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