VB4 16bit, ODBC, Connect String, Hanging problem. SOLUTION 
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 VB4 16bit, ODBC, Connect String, Hanging problem. SOLUTION

Hi All,

Well, after some sterling work by our development guys, we have
finally found out what the bug with VB4 16bit (and apparently query?)
is when you use an ODBC driver and supply ODBC; as the connect string.

For those of you who've tried this, you'll notice that under windows
95 there is a dialog box in the task bar, but that it isnt displayed,
However it is still active, and modal, so in effect it appears that
windows has frozen.

The problem is that when the dialog is displayed, the co-ordinates for
centreing the box are taken from the parent window, these co-ordinates
are totally out, so basically the fix is to centre the dialog with the
correct co-ordinates for the screen size and everthing should then
work as expected.

In terms of developing, this problem is really down to your ODBC
driver vendor to fix, although it does seem like a bug with
Microsoft's products.

Anyway, I hope this provides a solution to a problem that a few people
seem to have come accross.

Phil Carlisle.
Easysoft Support.

Tue, 27 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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