Can anyone recommend a good book? 
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 Can anyone recommend a good book?

Greetings Russell,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Visual Basic programming.  For
beginners or programmers of other languages, I always recommend
"Visual Basic - Step by Step" from Microsoft Press.  As for Crystal
Reports, good luck.  The documentation from Crystal is somewhat
helpful, but often hard to understand or comprehend.

I have noticed that if you want to *use* Crystal, you have to use
their fax back service as what you *want* to do is not documented.  I
don't even try to use it anymore as the headache's I incur take weeks
to get rid of.  Of course, my user base does not require pat and easy
reports either.  Crystal may do the trick for you.

Perhaps the problems that people seem to be having with printing could
be solved if we all asked Microsoft to include better documentation
and a better print engine.

Anyway, I will be glad to help out if you have any questions
reguarding Visual Basic.  We have all been in your place at one time
or another.  Feel free to send e-mail when you have questions.


On 27 Aug 1997 14:42:56 GMT, "Russell Sinclair"


>Can anyone recommend a good book for learning VB5.  I am an experienced VBA
>programmer but I'd like to translate that knowledge to VB5.  One of the big
>problems I'm having is figuring out Crystal Reports.


Sun, 13 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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