Using FoxPro TLB in VB 6.0 
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 Using FoxPro TLB in VB 6.0


Can anyone please tell me how to correctly reference and use a Visual FoxPro
Type Library?

Using the object viewer I can see the methods and that the object is
Variant. I cannot however, actually get the data from the tlb?

I an using the following code and I know something is missing, just don't
know what it is....

test is the name of the tlb.

Dim OManager As test.manager
Set OManager = New test.manager

Dim LName As String

LName = OManager.OCLIENTS.getfirstclient("LNAME")

after the OCLIENTS. it should pop up the command GetFirstClient but does

I would really appreciate your help with this one.


Mon, 10 Nov 2003 21:41:05 GMT  
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