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 Help, need a Guru!

I have an interesting new problem to deal with and am a bit "stumped".   I
am converting a set of macros from WordPerfect 5.1 to Word97 VBA.  

WP 5.1 displays a listing of all the files in a directory.  At the bottom
of the page it says : "1: Retrieve, 2: Delete, 3: Move/Rename, 4: Print, 5:
Short/Long display, 6: Look, 7: Other Directory, 8: Copy, 9: Find, N: Name
Search".  The user can page up and down the page and when they have found
the file they want to perform an action on they enter the number of that

For example :
To retrieve the file R3859.doc the user would highlight the listing entry
for R3859.doc and press 1.

WP then closes the listing and opens the chosen file.

I have created the listing file and can display it in Word97.  My problem
is that I need something like InputBox, in that I can position it where I
want, but unlike Inputbox in that the user can interact with the listing to
highlight a file before choosing an action.  My problem in Word97 is that
when I display the InputBox the listing file is no longer active.  WP does
everything in one macro so I don't want to have to add more key strokes.  I
would also like an immediate response to the key press instead of needing
the Enter key to be pressed.

Any suggestions?

Thanks,  Tom

Sat, 16 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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