OLE;VB 3.0, Excel 5.0;ICON vs CONTENT 
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 OLE;VB 3.0, Excel 5.0;ICON vs CONTENT

When I run my application at home, my OLE form successfully retrieves
a graph from an Excel file using this code, which is invoked when the
user selects from an MDI drop down menu::

Set Anyform = New OLERPTS
If Index = 1 Then
    Anyform.Caption = "Company A"
    Anyform.OLE1.Class = "EXCEL.CHART.5"
    Anyform.OLE1.SourceDoc = "c:\vb\billstuf\COMPANYA.xls"
    Anyform.OLE1.Action = 1
    Anyform.OLE1.AutoVerbMenu = False
End If



but when I run it at work, same release of VB and Excel, but the file
is on a LAN (ie, not on the same PC as VB), I get an Icon instead of the
graph. DisplayType property for the OLE box is set to zero (content).
This suggests to me that I am not *really* giving VB an object to display,
although I think I am.

Does this ring any bells with anyone?


Sat, 13 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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