Problems with Printer in VB4 
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 Problems with Printer in VB4

I do know what you are talking about. I had the same problems to. The
following code will work

Printer.FontName = "Arial"
Printer.FontSize = 11
Printer.Print "Dette er en test."

It seems that you have to send "nothing" to the printer object before
you can change the font. Don't ask me why!!

Hope this helps!

>I am using VB4 and am having problems with the printer: namely, if I
>change a font or other attribute using Printer.Font.Name = XXX for
>instance, the output remains unchanged. Here's the particular code I am
>Printer.Font.Size = 8
>Printer.Font.Name = Printer.Fonts(varPrinterFont)   'to make sure
>it's valid
>Printer.Font.Size = 8 'I read somewhere that under certain circumstances
>you need this line *twice* for some strange reason, hence above
>Printer.Font.Italic = True
>Printer.CurrentX = varOffsetX
>Printer.CurrentY = varOffsetY
>Printer.Print "BlahBlahBlah"
>All that happens is the printer uses it's usual font, with no italics
>etc. If I then use
>Debug.Print Printer.Font.Name
>then VB claims that the printer is using a *different* font, ie the one
>I have tried to allocate, than the one which the printer is clearly
>printing in.
>I have also tried using
>Printer.FontName = XXX
>etc. which has much the same effect (some books seem to claim that
>Printer.Font.Name is correct, and others suggest you use
>Printer.FontName - which is recommended?).
>Occasionally the printer has responded but the results have been erratic
>to say the least, and unreproducable. For instance, the printer will use
>Italics as suggested but will keep the font size the same, and will
>suddenly start underlining for no obvious reason.
>I am using a HP Deskjet 560C but have found the same lack of
>co-operation when using an HP Laserjet 4L. Is this a problem with HP or
>a general fault? Or is it just me being stupid?
>Thanks for your help. Please reply via e-mail as my News reading s/w is

Ulf Erik Forsbakk

Tue, 01 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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