Windows / Internet Programmer Needed - Decent Pay 
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 Windows / Internet Programmer Needed - Decent Pay

I need a Windows / Internet program designed, and I will pay decent if
it is done professionally, and correctly.  I am starting up a World
Wide Web hosting service, and I need a program which will help
adminstrate the Web site.  It will need to FTP, edit/add files, and
basically be an easy to use program for the individual clients that I
will have.  If you feel that you are both qualified, and want to work
on a project like this, please send an email to:

done in Windows / Internet type programs.  Also... please say the time
range you think it will take to get a program coded as well as how
much it would cost.  I look forward to each and every response I get,
and will respond quickly to any offers.  Thank you..

Jason Grovert
webNET design services

Tue, 29 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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