Data lost to port errors. 
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 Data lost to port errors.

I'm writing a piece of code to transfer a file from a remote to local
machines and I'm getting;

Data str: Data lost to port

as an error.

In my test example I'm doing a transfer of autoexec.bat from the remote
machine and displaying it on my local machine after download.  The file
displays okay but runs past EOF and shows some more characters on the
local machine.

How do I trap this error or do I need to put some sort of sync code in?

Could you please e-mail me as it takes 24 hours to sign on to this
newsgroup and I've just discovered it just a few minutes ago so I might
not get to read replies posted to the newsgroup.

Richard Brooks.

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Sun, 13 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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