APEX True DB Grid problem 
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 APEX True DB Grid problem

I wonder if anyone has encountered the following problems with APEX
True DB grid (5.0d "RIO LOBO" (Build 5.0.0197, dated 09/16/98), and
offer any help:

(1) ".Update" method not invoking the TDBG_UnboundWriteData event
When I put the db grid ".Update" method in the KeyPress event of the
grid, the grid does not invoke the TDBG_UnboundWriteData event.  How
can I make it to run through the TDBG_UnboundWriteData event on each
KeyPress event?

 (2) After rigorously mouse clickings, grid broke
after user delete all records from the grid, mouse clicking rigorously
everywhere of the form which contains the grid, rigorously and
randomly highlighting columns of the grid, and some more clickings...
sometimes it gives an error message "automation error and client is
disconnecting".  After that, the user try to type onto the first cell
of the grid, the typed characters fail to echo on the cell, not until
the user click onto the cell next to it, then the characters of the
last typed cell appear... same behaviour for subsequent input.  I
think it may have something to do with the message queue, and the grid
can't digest in the period of rigorous clickings.  If so, is there a
way the clear up the message queue?

Clara Yeung

Thu, 23 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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