How to get VB4.0A: the snychronization release of VB4 
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 How to get VB4.0A: the snychronization release of VB4

I have been trying to get the VB4.0a by dialing 1-800-360-7561 as MS's
web site suggested:
They have sent me twice the same 4.0 version instead of 4.0a, I checked
the date of the program and it is version 4.00.2422 and dated Aug 22,
1995.  I even reinstalled the VB with the new CD, but as I expected, the
known fixed bugs is still there.  So I don't know what to say.  Any of
you have the same experience.

Kevin Cai


Sun, 16 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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