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 Chat...has anyone...


Introduction up front, my names Sean Quinn, nice to meet any of you who
I meet.
I need information badly.  I'm working with VB 5.0 to make a chat
application.  Currently I am working with a rich text box, and have a
verticle scroll bar that handles the scrolling (it doesn't handle the
scrolling all to well).

I need to know, is there any way to tie the scroll bar to the rich text
box with out using the RTF Scroll?

My goal is to get it to scroll down automatically when you hit the send
button, and it doesn't seem to want to do that.  The only way I can get
it to scroll down is if I use the RTF scroll bar, but then I run into
problems there, like it doesn't scroll automatically, and when I got it
to, I was getting beeped at and the text was being selected.  I got
around this problem by incrementing the MaxLength Property by 151 every
time enter was hit.  But then it wouldn't scroll automatically.

Sean Quinn

Thu, 18 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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