Threed 16 OCX setup Error 
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 Threed 16 OCX setup Error

I am having trouble.

I have created a small program in Visual Basic 4 16 bit, using
THREED16.OCX, the Sheridan Controls. I created a setup program using the
setup wizard, and install it on a machine, running Win31, that dosen't have
VB on it. The setup finishes and the first time the program in run, if
causes a GPF!!!!!

I went back and removed THREED16.ocx from the project, and re-installed it,
and it worked fine.  I have had this porblem with other projects using

However, no GPF occurs if I install under WIN95!?

Can anyone help me with this, as alot of time has been put into software
that, at the momnet, can't be distributed on disk to run under WIN31,
without crashing!!!!!


Logie Urquhart

Web :- http://freespace.{*filter*}.net/andy.urquhart/

Sat, 27 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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