IE Automation - Responding to IE Events from VB. 
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 IE Automation - Responding to IE Events from VB.

Hi There,

NOTE: Sorry this is a bit off topic. But I have tried internet explorer
groups (which only have a few posts) and have got no responses. I can't find
a large IE NG so thought I would run it by you VB guys.

Summary: In IE to respond to the event of a user encountering a website
that requires authentication with a HTTP basic security password screen. How
can I detect when this has occurred.

I have an instance of IE automated from my VB program. This all generally
works quite well and I am able to respond to the events raised by IE. E.g.,
if the user navigates to a new page, the BeforeNavigate Event will fire and
can make VB do something.

But I would like to be able to respond to when a user navigates to a page
that requires a HTTP basic security password. Therefore this is when you
surf to a web page, and authentication is required, but this is through a
Windows style password box within IE and it also states a "Realm" if you
have noticed that. Therefore I a not referring to a log in which is handled
by forms, this is when IE itself displays a windows style username and
password prompt. (I believe it is a particular HTTP header that is used).

There does not natively seem to be an event that fires when a user is
prompting with such a password screen (Not in IE5.5 anyway) and I was
wondering if anyone knows a way round this, or if I am wrong. Maybe there is
another way using some trickery or looking for a process or something that
someone knows, that will tell my VB program when a user has encountered one
of these websites.

Any ideas are greatly received.


Wed, 05 Oct 2005 21:49:01 GMT  
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