Convert long integer? 
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 Convert long integer?

: Short question:
: How do I convert a 4-byte long integer stored in big-endian number
: (high byte first, low byte last) to a 'normal' long integer? I believe
: I have to seperate the high/low word, and this I know how to do, but
: after that then what?

 You can use the fact that Type'd variables can be assigned to one-another
with LSet regardless of contents.  So, assuming you want to reverse the order
of the four bytes before interpreting the integer, you could do something

 Type MyString
   S  As String*4
 End Type

 Type MyIntg
   I  As Long
 End Type

 Dim S as MyString, I As MyIntg

 Tmp$ = S.S    ' Assuming S.S contain the integer you want to convert
 S.S = Right$(Tmp$, 1) & Mid$(Tmp$, 3, 1) & Mid$(Tmp$, 2, 1) & Left$(Tmp$, 1)
 LSet I = S    ' At this point, I.I is the integer value you want.

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