ActiveX exe used to process large processing jobs 
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 ActiveX exe used to process large processing jobs

I have a couple of projects that just push JET to the limit and
in some cases it really should be moved to a real database
engine but of course the client doesn't want to do that.

One of the problems is the processing is just excessive.
As hard as I try, processing time for somethings is just
hours and it ties up the machine completely.  In the
 VB5  help under Doevents it illudes to a better way
to process such things.  They say put in a callable
ActiveX exe.  I have limited experience in ActiveX
controls, but the few small things I have done,  work
fine.  But what is an ActiveX exe and is there anywhere
that I can find out more on how to pass a process to
an ActiveX exe, continue to do other things and still
get the data where I need it.  

Please email me directly if you can, because this board
is so active, within a short time its not available.


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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