Many Little Pictures Eating Up System Resources 
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 Many Little Pictures Eating Up System Resources

        I'm working on a game that has a grid, and each cell has a
picture. There are currently 200 cells. I would like to have 300 cells.
Each cell has a picture about twice the size of a regular icon. I've
tried Picture Boxes (it drops me down to 6% system resources and says
"Out of Memory" with about 50 of them), I've started using 3D Command
buttons (I can have 200 of them, but it takes forever before it even
starts to draw). Is there a way to speed this up. Most of the cells show
the same picture. If this is answered in the FAQ please tell me. Thanks
for your help!

Travis Reisner

-After seeing Mortal Kombat I asked myself, "Self, with all their great
powers why can't they use a light bulb?"-

Mon, 09 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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