Getting mad with Casading Err.raise 
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 Getting mad with Casading Err.raise

Ok, I have checked MSDN and postings to this group, because I think
that this could be a "newbie"programming error. But i haven't found an
appropriate information.

Ok, here it comes.
I detect an Error in Function f of a class Module c. I set the
of the err object and raise the error.  The Error Handler in this
function should only pass this error to the calling function. In the
immediate window i can see the the properties of err are just like i
want it.
The Code is like this.

            With Err
                '.Description =
                '.Number =
                .Raise vbObjectError + 513, "mySource", "The
Description ...."
            End With
Errorhandler: 'Here the err Properties are ok
    Err.Raise Err.Number, Err.Source, Err.Description
End Sub

the calling function g (of the same object) should catch each Error in
the Errorhandler
and pass it to the next calling function.

     err.raise err

But here if found that BEFORE I raise the Error err.number is set to
440 and description is set
to automation error. err.source is just like app.title. ????
Why ???

I think it is a standard in germany called DAU Programming error.
But I can't solve it

Greetings from Germany

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Fri, 19 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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