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 Outline Control Q? - VB 3 Pro

I have a problem with the syntax of the PictureClick event in the Outline

When you double click the control itself you get the following declaration:
   Sub Outline_PictureClick (ListIndex As Integer)
   Sub End

Ok, so you pop some code into PictureClick. Such as,
   txtDisplay.Text = Outline.List(ListIndex)

Then you notice that if you Click on one item, so that it's index = ListIndex,
*then* PictureClick on another item the PictureClick code executes for the
*first* item, not the one you clicked on.

Fine, if in doubt read the manual, not a problem.. But when you check out the
Pro help or manual you are told:  
   sub Outline_PictureClick([Index As Integer,] I As Integer)

and a Remark of:
   This event passes I, the index of the item whose picture was clicked.

*Now* I'm confused. Is I equivalent to the ListIndex of the control
declaration? What is the optional Index parameter about? Why can't I add
'Index As Integer' to the control declaration? Why doesn't ListIndex in the
control declaration seem to refer to the item clicked on?

All I want is for a click on an item's Picture to refer to *that* item. Can
someone explain how to achieve this to me?? What am I missing?

Thank you for your attention.

 Duncan McCardle
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Tue, 26 Aug 1997 16:25:33 GMT  
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