Q: Write/read to/from LPTx directly? 
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 Q: Write/read to/from LPTx directly?

We have a (dire) need to get the page count from an HP printer.  The printer
manual clearly defines a PJL job to do this.  Just send the right bytes to the
printer, and it returns the information.

Has anyone ever written directly to a parallel printer port from VB?  How
about *READING* from that port?

We see the API ESCAPE function can be used to send stuff to the printer
unmodified by the driver.  

We also see WIN32S functions to read and write from any comm port, and
parallel ports seem to be included.  We're not sure how to call WIN32S
functions from VB.

Examples or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

(Well, yes, if need be we could use C!)

Sun, 17 Aug 1997 00:18:35 GMT  
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