/// Visual Basic or Delphi as UI? /// 
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 /// Visual Basic or Delphi as UI? ///

 We are planning to use either Visual Basic or delphi as the UI tool of
 our system.

 The layer below the User Interface shall be coded in ANSI C and will have
 its API available to the UI code.

 We know that Visual Basic is interpretive, requires run-tile library
 and runs slower compared to the compiled, standalone Delphi executables.

 Neither of those arguments seem to be strong enough for us to choose Delphi
 instead of VB, since it will only be used as the UI tool.

 What we may be interested is the things like the  "rumors" of problems
 in passing "C" structures to VB.

 Does anybody have any experience with **Both** of those tools and come up
 any advantages/disadvantages of using them over a layer coded in "C"?

 Thanks in advance.

 sinan.opinions are personal.

Mon, 13 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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