Treeview node check bug. 
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 Treeview node check bug.


I'm setting the checked property of nodes in my treeview via the
following -

Public Sub LoadMyWhoCheckBoxes()
    Dim aRs As Recordset
    Dim aKey As String

    Set aRs = getQuery("qryMyWHO-EVERYTHING")
    Do Until aRs.EOF
        aKey = "L" & Format(aRs!Location) & "|" & Format(aRs!id)
        Me.tree.Nodes.Item(aKey).Checked = aRs!Status
    CloseDB aRs
End Sub

I found that the nodes were not reliably staying checked.  Placing a
watch on the checked property of one of the nodes that should have
been checked, I found that it was (sometimes) being checked correctly
here -

        Me.tree.Nodes.Item(aKey).Checked = aRs!Status

and then being unchecked immediately the next line!

So, I go to the MSDN and look for "treeview checked bug" and find
article "Q192188 - BUG: TreeView Problems with CheckBoxes" and think
it solves my problem.

Unfortunately it doesn't. And the "fix" seems to make no difference at
all.  What I've found is that if I set the style of the treeview to
any style that contains an icon, ie tvwPictureText,
tvwTreelinesPlusMinusPictureText (which is the one I want to use) etc,
the nodes will not be checked reliably.  Without the icon, they work

This is somewhat frustrating as whilst my app doesn't *need* the
icons, I've got attached to them and they add a bit of colour.

Has anyone else had this problem and did you overcome it and how?

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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