On MS win media player's mp3 driver 
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 On MS win media player's mp3 driver

Hi, all.
Just like when you download realaudio player, it automatically installs it's
activeX player into your system.
Is it true that when you download the new MS windows media player, it
automatically installs mp3 driver into your system?  So, then, the
driver(mp3) must be a codec.  Then we, small developer, don't worry about
anything to playback mp3 files in our app.  Right?

I'm actually asking you experts not making my own statements.  If this is
true, I think, it might be a nice new grace(?) given by Bill to us.
Because you just use a mp3 encoder(there are lots of them) and make files
and then use a mci api, like mcisendstring in your code to playback.  No
more looking for any mp3 control.

Am I right?  I just want to talk about a new thing that I found.
If you know, please post.



Mon, 05 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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