HELP: treeview, listview drag and drop with SQL-server 
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 HELP: treeview, listview drag and drop with SQL-server


I've a couple of questions for you VB experts:

1) how do i let the treeview control scroll automatically if i try to drag
and drop an item to some
    other item inside the treeview that is at a lower level in the tree
(not visible until you scroll)?

2) I fill a listview with the result of an SQL-query from the SQL-server
and when i scroll through
    the listview control, i get horizontal lines during scrolling. How can
i get rid of these (it is a bug)?

3) I try to do a drag and drop in my treeview, dropping the item would
modify my record in some
    table at the SQL-server, but it keep saying that the record is not
updatable (but the database is).
    I've created 2 tables:

    table1 Employee, with fields EmployeeID and EmployeeName where
EmployeeID is set as

                 primary key and as identity.
    table2 Assignments, with fields EmployeeID and CustomerID where nothing
is set as primary

                 key and as identity.

    I'm using the openrecordset(strSQL, dbopendynaset) statements and used
the recordset.edit
    method to make the changes. When i try to change records in Assignments
i get errors that it
    is not updatable, stopping at the recordset.edit line. Does anybody has
any suggestions here
    or does a table must have some identity or key (i'm not a database
expert on this)?

Thanks in advance.


Sun, 19 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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