Dialing a phone # in VB4 32bit without MSCOMM.OCX 
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 Dialing a phone # in VB4 32bit without MSCOMM.OCX

Does anyone know what API's to use to simply dial a phone # in Win95.
This used to work in Windows 3.1
        Open "COM1:" for Output As #1
                Print  #1, Phonenumber
        Close #1

It only works in Win95 AFTER some other program has already used the
modem.  I tried using the Win3.1 COMM API functions but they don't
work either (I tried everything!-  changed USER to USER32. Took into
account new way Win95 handles strings- everything.)

I DON'T want to use the mscomm.ocx to simply dial a number.

Sun, 04 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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