Instaling fonts in Windows 95 
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 Instaling fonts in Windows 95


        I am new to this newsgroup, and I like to
introduce myself. I am a Visual Basic
programmer since august(in past years I used
C++ a lot, but it was not efficient enough
to create applications for windows), and I
develop sophisticated multimedia
applications using VB 4.0.
        Since I started to code, I have a problem
with installing fonts on the users machine.
In Windows 3.11 there is no problem. For
every .ttf file you use a
CreateScalableFontResource function from
Windows API to get a .fot which you add to
the system registry by calling
AddFontResource with the path to the fot
file as a parameter. To permamently install
the font you change the win.ini file
properly. That's all. In Windows 95 system
does not see this fonts available after
mentioned operations.

Mateusz Radziszewski

Thu, 16 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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