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 A VB, Crystal Reports Question

A VB, Crystal Reports Question:

Some Crystal Reports were made using Version 4.6 Crystal Reports that
came as part of a VB5 install CD.

These reports were successfully read from a VB4 program.  The VB4
program continues to read these reports ( made using Crystal Reports
4.6 ) under Windows 3.11.  There was a time when the same VB4 program
could read these same reports under Windows 95.

However, somehow, the VB4 program quit reading these reports when run
under Windows 95.  When the VB4 program attempts to read these reports
it gets the error "Cannot read report version 4.o" followed by
"Run-time error 20505, Unable to load report".  Yet, under,
Windows 3.11, this same program can read the same Crystal Report.

How can I get my VB4 program to read reports created from Version 4.6
Crystal Reports under Windows 95?

If someone can help me I would be quite grateful,  regards, Joe

Sun, 30 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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