Problem with VB 5.0 apps after VB 6.0 install 
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 Problem with VB 5.0 apps after VB 6.0 install

After installing the VB 6.0 pro upgrade, everything seemed to go fine with
apps migrated to the 6.0 version, however since the install, two of my three
VB 5.0 projects refuse to run in EXE form.  Oddly, all three applications
run fine in the VB 5.0 development environment, but two of the programs
immediately return GPF's upon startup of the compiled EXE's.

I've tried everything I can think of, even completely un-installing VB 6.0,
and the 5.0 apps refuse to run, or even return an intelligent error
message... the message is something to the effect of "page fault in unknown
module".  I have SP3 for VB 5.0, BTW.

After getting 6.0, I re-compiled my major accounting project under that
version, and used WISE 7.0 to create a production for it, and installed it
on another computer in this office to test it.  It installed and ran fine,
but suddenly, another application that was already on that computer compiled
under 5.0 ceased to function.  Sure enough, that same application on my
computer failed too.  I installed that particular 5.0 application on another
computer that did NOT have any 6.0 apps, and it ran fine.

The other odd-ball thing is that the one application compiled under 5.0 that
runs fine is a small program I wrote to test MS Agent (version 2.0).  That
program runs fine both in the development environment and the compiled EXE,
and is not any more sophisticated than other small VB 5.0 application that
does not run.

Also, I re-compiled the big accounting application under VB 5.0 again after
un-installing 6.0 and now that application refuses to run as well, returning
the same generic error message upon loading.

Does anyone have a clue?  Did installing 6.0 over-write something critical
for 5.0?  Does the Wise 7.0 InstallBuilder have something to do with this?

Any help would be appreciated... please cc: to my e-mail account listed

Bill Hileman, PDGA #1577, HDD #001

Dad of Twins Dustin & Dylan!

Mon, 23 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Problem with VB 5.0 apps after VB 6.0 install

>It installed and ran fine,
>but suddenly, another application that was already on that computer compiled
>under 5.0 ceased to function.

That's the typical effect when MS decided to break component compatibility once
more, as happens since years. You should know that also (and often!) MS
applications, like older Office versions, are killed by the installation of new
and incompatible components. Every customer can hold you liable for damaging
his system, when your application kills already installed and working

Normally it's impossible to identify and replace the offending components,
since Uninstall will *not* restore the previous versions, and another Install
of the original software packs doesn't help, since the new components have
higher version numbers, and thus never are replaced by the old versions :-(

It's good to know about that problem, so I won't let install any VB6 program on
my system.


Wed, 25 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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