'Help-Find'-style interface for vb4 programmed database search 
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 'Help-Find'-style interface for vb4 programmed database search


I wonder if anyone can help me with the following.
I'm trying to write a vb4 interface to provide my quite complex and
extremely relational access2 database with the necessary data.

The actual question is if anyone knows how to write a search interface
that resembles the Help-Find interface in almost all win95 apps; i.e.
a combination of a textbox and a listbox (see what i mean?).
The list to be searched contains more than 1000 person/band names.

In fact I managed to create such a thing, and it works (!),  but it
works extremely slow.

According to me, this is why:
the name-list that has to be searched is in fact a union query that is
saved in the db. This query unites three tables ('Bands', 'Persons',
'Aliasses') and results in a huge list of names. So, when I type a
character in the textbox, my program opens the query and performs a
'LIKE'-query on it. With every extra character I add, the program goes
through the same routine, and thus takes the huge union query to do
its search.
Isn't there a faster way to do this?
Can't vb temporarily load the list resulting from typing the first
character into the textbox, and take this temporary table as a (new)
basis for the search routine when typing a second character in the

Anyway, I hope I'm not talking Chinese (it's Flemish in fact...)

or via this newsgroup.

Thanks a lot.

Thu, 07 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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