Force Web Browser to load Word document in foreground 
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 Force Web Browser to load Word document in foreground

I am developing an application in which the employees can click on a
hyperlink on a web page (browser - Internet Explorer) and the selected
MS-Word document will be downloaded.  This works fine on machines running
IE 3.0 and Windows 95 or NT4.0 but my company has many systems still in use
which are running Windows for Workgroups (Windows version 3.11).  On these
older machines and operating systems, the document does not load in the
foreground of the browser but rather in another instance of the browser in
the background.  

The users tend to repeatedly click the hyperlinks and thus start multiple
browsers thinking that it hasn't worked the first time.

Basically I need to force the Web browser to load the document in the
current window, or if it needs to start another instance of the browser,
then bring this window to the foreground i.e. make it the active window.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
Robert Newton

Mon, 26 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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