data binding objects/ data classes etc 
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 data binding objects/ data classes etc

 I'd like to hear your opinions on this...

Having had many problems with what I consider to be 'limitations' in
using bound controls, I am exploring using VB6's data binding objects.

Consider this setup... If I use a class object as a data source and use
data binding objects to bind the data from that object to a form, I
have to write code in the form to create the necessary binding
collections/objects etc. and also need code to query and handle the
DBO's datachanged properties prior to update etc.

This seems a lot of code for a form to hold in this age of n-tier
apps... My question is: Is there any benefit in using a data bound
class object between the data-source object and the form?  This would
minimise code in the form itself, meaning that the form would only have
to create one object and call its methods and read/write its
properties.  This new class could handle things like the data-changed
properties etc.

...or am I just making extra work for myself??

Thanks in advance!

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