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 Print a Range from WebBrowser control

Does anyone know how to get the Microsoft WebBrowser control to print
a range of pages when using a Microsoft Word document.

I have a Word document loaded into the WebBrowser control, the
document has 3 pages, I just want to print pages 1 & 2.

The code I have tried so far is -

WebBrowser1.Document.PrintOut Range:=wdPrintRangeOfPages,
Item:=wdPrintDocumentContent, Copies:=1, Pages:="1-2",
PageType:=wdPrintAllPages, Collate:=True, Background:=True,

The above gets accepted as far as the syntax is concerned, but the
WebBrowser control ignores it and prints out the whole document.

I have also tried printing with the following



Mike Bredbury

Tue, 07 Sep 2004 20:05:13 GMT  
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