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 20 questions

Ok, here goes:

1: You can set the Border style to 3, Fixed Dialog, and set the MaxButton
and MinButton properties to false.  Then the user cannot resize the form!

2: Try using "TheForm.Show 1"  - this causes your form to be shown modally
and other forms cannot get the focus.

3: You can disable the close button by setting the ControlBox to false -
this also takes care of your problem #4.  In the form's unload event you can
put any code you like - including showing another form.

4: See question 3.

5: Yes, .dll files can serve as icon libraries, and commonly do.  But I'm
sorry, I don't know how to work with those files - anyone else here who

As for replying through direct email:  Sorry, but no - this is a newsgroup,
and as you must understand the work put in helping each other should of
course be done for the benefit of us all...

Best of luck,

Jon Oskar Magnusson

I have a couple of questions to ask.
1. How do you disable the resize property of a form?
2. How do you keep the focus on a form all the time (ie user can't click
outside the form)? (should i use a special type of form?)
3. Is it possible to load another form as soon as the current form
unloads/exits (eg when the user clicks on the       close button in the top
right-hand corner of the form)? (OR how do I disable the close
button?(without removing it from the form) )
4. How do you get rid of the icon at the top left-hand corner of the screen?
(VB5 gives you a default icon, but when you want to disable it (ie set it to
'(None)' ), a crappy windows icon comes up in it's place.) I just want text
at the top of my form - NO ICON!
5. While we're talking about icons  - Do .dll files have icons of their
own?(ie can an icon be in a .dll file?) If so, how do you view/modify these?
What programs enable you to do this?
Thanks in advance.
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Glenn Roberts

Wed, 31 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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