Here is The Winsock.bas for 16-bit 
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 Here is The Winsock.bas for 16-bit


>Mr. Wynne-Jones,
>You have posted material here which is clearly a copyright violation.
>Since there is no indication from the copyright holder that you had
>permission to do so, what you have done is illegal and unethical. The
>repercussions for you personally and for all of us as a community may
>be severe. The community of which I'm speaking for at the moment, does
>not and can not condone or encourage the illegal posting of
>copyrighted material.

Lauren, as I explained in my note to you, the winsock standards are public
domain. I pulled the file off the net in the first place, just thought i'd
save some people a bit of hassle.


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Mon, 24 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 Here is The Winsock.bas for 16-bit


>>The courts (in the US, at least) won't allow the copyright of collections
>>of data such as telephone directories.  In fact, there was a recent case
>>I heard about in which one of the CDROM phonebook publishers sued another,
>>because the second one copied the database from the first.  The court
>>said "no copyright".

>>Now, whether this applies to API declarations is something that I don't
>>know -- but, given the decisions on other "collection of information" type
>>cases, I would not rule out.  An API declaration is *not* an algorithim.

>But you would agree that the comments are the author's own doing, and that
>he has the copyright for that material?

The comments would be copyrightable, not much question about tha.

>Consider this example: A record company in Norway, Arcade, regularly
>creates collections called "Absolute Music". They include the most popular
>artists in Norway at the time. The songs themselves are not Copyright
>Arcade, but on the CD it clearly states "This _compilation_ Copyright
>Arcade" (underline by me). Which means you can't copyright the public
>domain material, but you _can_ copyright the list you've compiled.

Well, they can *claim* a copyright -- which is exactly what the telephone
companies did.  But when they tried to sue for infringement of their
"compilations" (the actual directory listings) they lost big time.  (Where
do you think the CD phonebooks get *their* data from anyway?  The phone

>I would consider the file copyrighted because the author had to type i nthe
>declarations, debug them and add the comments. He has done something of his
>own, and that qualifies him to a copyright. IMO.

Well, he can claim copyright, but it's up to the courts to decide.  Considering
previous similar cases, I'd say he probably doesn't have much chance of
protecting anything beyond his comments.

Tue, 25 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 Here is The Winsock.bas for 16-bit


>You have posted material here which is clearly a copyright violation.

It's not _clearly_ anything.  You could legally repost many things
which are still someone else's copyright, but without breaching the
terms of their distribution agreement with you. The author of that
header file would be quite within the rights of their copyright to
require all users of it _not_ to publish it further, but they
certainly don't express this wish anywhere in the text I can see.

If an author posts their copyrighted work in a public place on the
net, leaving a copyright warning but no warning against
redistribution, then I certainly wouldn't hesitate to redistribute it.
All it takes to stop me (and most other reasonably-minded posters) is
a simple request to not redistribute it, or (more commonly) to not
redistribute it except as part of a whole package.


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Fri, 28 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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