Problems talking to an IP address 
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 Problems talking to an IP address


I've written a client/server application for use by an internet cafe style
business.  The clients and server communicate with one another via UDP
across a TCP/IP network.  I have a problem...  On my network at home, where
I developed the app, I have no problems getting the client and server to
talk.  At the site where the app will be implemented, it's a different
story.  Very occasionally, a message from the client will get through...
sometimes, the messages will get through after quite a substantial delay,
appearing in bursts.  The main difference (and it seems to be the key
difference) between my development network and the implementation site's
network is that the computers in the cafe have the network neighbourhood
hidden (using system policies).  If the network neighbourhood is enabled,
the app works fine.  This seems unusual to me, since I'm talking to a
specific IP address - it shouldn't matter whether I can browse for it or
not, surely?  Or does disabling the network neighbourhood icon do more than
simply stop the icon from appearing?  (silly question really!)

Is there a way around this problem?  Do you need more info?

Thanks for any help,

Dion Campbell.

P.S. I also need to count the number of pages a client has sent to the
(single) network printer - any ideas?

Tue, 05 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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