VB5: Canceling an Input Box? 
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 VB5: Canceling an Input Box?

How can I allow a user to click CANCEL and exit this sub:

StopLoop = False
Msg = "Enter the date you want to search for" & vbCr & "leave blank
for today's date:  "
Title = "Next DEPO Date Search"
Default = Date
NextDEPOdue = InputBox(Msg, Title, Default, vbOKCancel)
    If NextDEPOdue <> "" Then
        If Not IsDate(CDate(NextDEPOdue)) Or Err.Number > 0 Then
           NextDEPOdue = MsgBox("Invalid Date!!!", vbOKOnly, Title)
           Default = Date
           Err.Number = 0
           GoTo GetDate
           NextDEPOdue = CDate(NextDEPOdue)
           StopLoop = True
        End If
        StopLoop = True
    End If

All help will be appreciated!!!

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Wed, 26 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 VB5: Canceling an Input Box?

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>How can I allow a user to click CANCEL and exit this sub:

>StopLoop = False
>Msg = "Enter the date you want to search for" & vbCr & "leave blank
>for today's date:  "
>Title = "Next DEPO Date Search"
>Default = Date
>NextDEPOdue = InputBox(Msg, Title, Default, vbOKCancel)
>    If NextDEPOdue <> "" Then
>        If Not IsDate(CDate(NextDEPOdue)) Or Err.Number > 0 Then
>           NextDEPOdue = MsgBox("Invalid Date!!!", vbOKOnly, Title)
>           Default = Date
>           Err.Number = 0
>           GoTo GetDate
>        Else
>           NextDEPOdue = CDate(NextDEPOdue)
>           StopLoop = True
>        End If
>    Else
>        StopLoop = True
>    End If

>All help will be appreciated!!!

I'm not sure you can unless the user changes the default
text before clicking the Cancel button. It returns either
the text in the input box or "" if its left blank.

Frankly, I think the cancel button is there just in case
someone changes the Default text in the control and then
decides to abort when they can't make up thier mind what
to type in. :)

Thu, 27 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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