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 SSTab Control Tab Caption Font

Hi VB'ers,

VB4 Pro/Win95

I have a form with a 2-tab SSTab control on it.  I change the font size
on the tab captions from the default font (MS Sans Serif 8) to MS Sans
Serif 12.  I save the form and reload the project.  The font size for
the tab captions reverts back to the default size (8 pt).  When I look
at the form's contents in an ASCII editor, I see the proper font
registry key and the right font name and size.  I am developing the
project on a system with the resolution set to 1024x768 and large

Where show I look to correct this problem?  Why is the tab control not
acknowledging the properties as they exist in the form?



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Sat, 13 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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