VB3 - Building App Front Ends 
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 VB3 - Building App Front Ends

If I wanted to build a front end for a major application, how would I go
about doing it?  

Example:  How could I open or access the data in an Excel spreadsheet, or
any other program.  Do I need documentation from the company that developed
the product or is this info available elsewhere?  

How can I learn how to import and export using my VB3 program?  

Sat, 11 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 VB3 - Building App Front Ends
Chad:  In the event that you've not already had a satisfactory answer...

Remember the key to successful VB database management.  Namely that MS
Access is the "native" database format.

This is EXCELLENT, because Access itself is able to attach/import
databases of many many different formats, which your VB app can then deal

And, guess what?  In your example of using Excel, well... Excel and Access
are of course very compatable.  It's really quite simple to export an
Excel thingamabob to one which Access (and thus VB) can deal with.

But what about other "major applications" as you put it?  Well, let's take
Wordstar or Wordperfect as a couple of interesting examples.  Both of
those (and I dare suppose that the vast majority of other large-scale
pieces of software) can be forced to output in straight ASCII text.  WS
and WP have their own propietary way of defaulting, but they can both be
forced to ignore their default output formats, in favor of something that
your VB apps can deal with -- straight text.

All in all, VB is a wonderfully flexible tool to use for grabbing and
utilizing the output of just about everything imaginable!


Byron Hurder
Newington CT

Sun, 12 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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