how to fix 50003 from out of sync comdlg32.ocx? 
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 how to fix 50003 from out of sync comdlg32.ocx?

Hi folks,

While some might describe the presence of some
VB6 controls in my win/sys folder in terms
derived from biology (hint: smaller than bacteria),
I'll settle for calling it mighty inconvenient.

My VB5/SP3 machine has two controls I need to
remove.  I'm getting the now famous 50003 error
from comdlg32.ocx being out of sync with the
other files in my distribution.

I've tried deleting the vb6 control and then registering
the vb5 control but then my vb5 project won't load.

I see the CLSIDs at the top of the vbp file. I've found
two CLSIDs in the registry that are related to
comdlg32.ocx but I don't see how to fix my project
or the registry.

Is there any advice on how to set things straight?

Thanks, -Will

Mon, 03 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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