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 Dolphin Systems TCP VBX

>Has anybody gotten this VBX to work under NT?  Whenever I try to use it I
>get a VB error "Valid name, no data record of requested type" and I have
>to kill VB to get out of it.



The control works fine under NT. The error you are getting indicates that the
Winsock stack is unable to get the local IP address of your workstation.
This usually occurs when in the design environment and you select the control
with the properties window open.  VB will query the control for the value of
this property which is dynamically aquired from Winsock.  If the stack is there
but not active when you load the control this will occurr (i.e.: Trumpet loaded
but SLIP/PPP disabled).


Stephen Cramp              Developer of dsSocket
Dolphin Systems Inc.       TCP/IP custom control
(905) 838-2896

Mon, 08 Sep 1997 18:46:33 GMT  
 Dolphin Systems TCP VBX

I got it to work.  I just put it in my system directory and it  
worked fine once I figured out the CORRECT constants for the  
action code.  I am so pleased with the accuracy of the VBPJ  
articles as of late.

PS - I don't know where on the net it is but I would suspect at  
CICA.  I got it from CServe.  I was in the VBPJ forum in the  
magazines library under Carl Franklin's Vbits (% code or  
something like that.  Not where the mag said it would be.

|\| Russell Greenlaw, SrA, USAF  |\|


Mon, 08 Sep 1997 21:37:40 GMT  
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