Visual Basic 4.0 32-bit installation in Windows 95 
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 Visual Basic 4.0 32-bit installation in Windows 95


I am studying VB 4 Pro edition and can't seem to get the 32-bit version
to launch under Windows 95.  The 16-bit version seems to run find.
Specifically the 32-bit applicaiton crashes when I try launch it from

Is there a patch available to make the 32-bit version work?

E-mail replies please.  Thanks in advance to all who respond.

Best regards to all.
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Mon, 28 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 Visual Basic 4.0 32-bit installation in Windows 95

I had the same problem installing VB4 on my computer.
The error I got was in the  KERNELL32.dll and in VB4.exe.
After calling the VB Tech support at 206-646-5105 They told me to do
the following.
 I was using the Disket version are you?? if so here is what you need
to do.
1. go to
2. at the bottem enter artical number  Q150614
3. Print it out
4. go back to the page and enter #   Q150726
5. Print it out
6. Ok now you have a listing between the two pages you printed of all
the files taht VB4 installed in your computer.
7. Take that list and go to your c:\windows\system directory and and
remane all the files on the list so they have a 1 in front of them.
The reson for that is you dont want to delete them wuite yet becouse
they might be shared files, and second reason is VB4 will not
overwright existing files it just sees that they are already there and
moves on to the next file.
8. Now delet your VB directory and restart your computer in Safe Mode.
9. In safemove reinstall VB4
10. Good Luck!!
Mike FireChief

Thu, 22 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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